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The following accounts below maybe available below. Please contact customer service for pricing and information or check out our other SWG Accounts for sale.

Age Of Account: 3 to 5 Years Old
List All Expansions Enabled: Mustafar Kashyyk Jump to Lightspeed An Empire Divided Basiy, all of them.
imp ace backpack lava crystal (tuned) windus guile (tuned) banes heart (tuned) cloak of hate (x2) shatterpoint cloak jedi master cloak jedi meditation bracelet (right) Hellstorm left bracelet hellstorm ring Alternative Characters Equipment (Describe):

Main Characters Skills (Describe): Typical bounty hunter skills, 5 year vet, etc... Master pilot a few times over (both imp and rebel)
Main Characters Armor (Describe): Mixture of capped armor with Agility, Luck, Precision +35 and exotics with assault action, assault crit, and assault damage. Mandalorian armor helmet, shock trooper, bh, marauder, scout, mabari, and crusader.
Main Characters Weapons (Describe): Naktra Crystal Rifle, DPS 1153, Acid, ranged crit 23, 240 health All Pets (Describe):
E-web rifle, 25 ranged crit, 246 health, cold, 1143 DPS All Titles (Describe):
GLC rifle All Vehicles (Describe):
elite tusken rifle, 1162 dps, acid, ranged crit 23, health 223 Age Of Account: 5+ Years Old
whistler carbine, acid, 1146 dps, 22 ranged crit, 215 health DC-15, 1085 DPS, cold, 101 ELEMENTAL In-game Item: Imperial Life Support Flight Suit elite tusken rifle, heat, 1151 dps, 249 health, 30 ranged crit Main Characters Lightsaber:
acidic paragon axe, 1211 dps, action 222, melee crit 24, acid Main Characters Equipment (Describe): Has Full Suit Rebel Marine Armour spraystick, 1148 dps, acid, health 248, ranged crit 27 Cu-pa Mount high capacity scatter pistol, ranged crit 30, health 250, dps 1147, heat XP 38 landSpeeder dp-23 rifle, health 243, ranged crit 24, 1148 dps, heat also has Luxury Yact Deed master crafted ee3 carbine, 1196 dps, heat Medium Tat House deed 100k maintenace
c-m reaper sniper rifle, heat, 1158 dps, rc 29, action 224 Main Characters Armor (Describe): Rebel Marine Armour Full Suit
master crafted ee3, heat, 95 ELEMENTAL, dps 1116
Select the number of characters over Level 20:
Total Heroic Tokens: 24
Total Rare Pets: 4
Respecs Available: Yes
All Assets (Describe): Not sure what was asked by "respecs available", so I said yes, as I don't have any respec tokens, but obviously you can go to a profession npc and change it. Mustafarian bunker, deluxe sarlaac trash can, anniversary goggles, special edition goggles, chu gon dar cube, arubesh decoder ring, imp ace jacket, imp ace helmet, rebel ace jacket, rebel ace helmet, white/pink katarn armor, black imp spec ops armor, ur-68 pistol schem, alt character has several commando weapons and also a tusken ruck sack.
All Pets (Describe): 60pt Blistmok lvl 90 BFF 60pt Horned Raptor lvl 90 BFF 60pt Kimogila low level 55pt Kai Tok lvl 90 BFF 60pt Angler lvl 90 BFF 60pt Minstyngar lvl 90 BFF 60pt Kliknik lvl 90 BFF 60pt Corellian Sand Panther lvl 90 BFF 60pt Narglatch low level 60pt Blurg low level 55pt Corellian Slice Hound low level
All Ranks (Describe): 135 badges Rank has decayed almost all the way, but I have been all the way to general on the imperial side
All Titles (Describe): Elder Bounty Hunter Elder Marksman Elder Rifleman Elder Teras Kasi Master Elder Commando Spy warmaster Bounty Hunter Commando Officer Jedi Force Insensitive GCW region defender - guild all imp master pilot titles all BH titles hero of echo base smuggler hero of empire day champion of empire day chosen of empire day celebrant of life novice collector rill wrecker master interior designer transfer titles for eclipse, gorath, chilastra, and europe farstar patron of the impire millionaire
All Tokens (Describe): 3 Axkva 1 Tusken 4 IG-88 1 ISD 0 Exar 15 Echo Base 16 Imp Massassi 50 Imp Jungle 24 Imp Bunker 56 Imp Data 267 Imp GCW
All Vehicles (Describe): Advanced Tantive IV Advanced Stap-1 Light Bending Barc 2 imperial command barcs GPE 3130 podracer yoda style hover chair (vet reward) tauntaun lava flea lizard from kash (can't remember name)
Transferable To New Server: Yes
Age Of Account: 5+ Years Old
List All Expansions Enabled: ALL Expansions
Alternative Characters Level:
Elder Profession On Account:
Elder Jedi On Account:
Main Characters Lightsaber:
Main Characters Equipment (Rate It): 6 - Best Possible Equipment (Fully Geared)
Main Characters Equipment (Describe): 5pc Flawless set Master tamers necklace revitalization pack musty injector meditation crystal