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Level Race Class Gender Currency Current Server Profile Price
161 Caldari Production Pilot Male 0 Tranquility Profile $1820
10% Off!
153 Caldari Capital Carrier Pilot Male 100,000,000 Tranquility Profile $1456
142 Minmatar Capital Carrier Pilot Male 45,000,000 Tranquility Profile $1456
10% Off!
109 Minmatar Battleship Leadership Pilot Female 1,600,000,000 Tranquility Profile $1001
10% Off!
94 Caldari Capital Carrier Pilot Male 10,000,000 Tranquility Profile $455
5% Off!
85 Caldari Capital Carrier Pilot Female 75,000,000 Tranquility Profile $364
5% Off!
83 Gallente Capital Carrier Pilot Male 100,000,000 Tranquility Profile $773.5
35% Off!
80 Caldari Capital Navigation Pilot Female 800,000,000 Tranquility Profile $728
10% Off!
77 Gallente Capital Pilot Female 800,000,000 Tranquility Profile $682.5
10% Off!
65 Caldari Marauder Pilot Female 10,000,000 Tranquility Profile $637
35% Off!
63 Gallente Capital Carrier Pilot Male 100,000,000 Tranquility Profile $386.75
40% Off!
62 Caldari Capital Carrier Pilot Male 50,000,000 Tranquility Profile $364
10% Off!
61 Caldari Capital Carrier Pilot Male 10,000,000 Tranquility Profile $318.5
10% Off!
59 Caldari Marauder Pilot Male 5,000,000,000 Tranquility Profile $568.75
10% Off!
57 Caldari Battleship Scanning Pilot Female 250,000,000 Tranquility Profile $614.25
35% Off!
55 Gallente Capital Carrier Pilot Male 3,000,000 Tranquility Profile $523.25
35% Off!
55 Gallente Freighter Pilot Female 600,000,000 Tranquility Profile $523.25
35% Off!
46 Caldari Battleship Gunnery Pilot Male 3,450,000,000 Tranquility Profile $386.75
10% Off!
42 Minmatar Capital Carrier Pilot Female 3,000,000 Tranquility Profile $409.5
10% Off!
40 Minmatar Battleship Gunnery Pilot Male 300,000,000 Tranquility Profile $386.75
10% Off!

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Many people try EVE and love it and then other things come up and the people have to quit. This is ideal for players who are just starting off in this epic space MMORPG. Many of these players sell their high-level characters that come with great ships, gear and lots of in-game money to players who are just starting to play.

EVE characters are more fun to play when they have great gear, weapons and more. If you are just starting off, you should not waste time just trying to earn money and get to a higher level. The game really is geared towards players who are powerful and at higher level.

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