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SWG Bounty Hunter, SWG Bounty Hunter, Star Wars Galaxies character

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SWG Accounts For Sale

The following accounts below maybe available below. Please contact customer service for pricing and information or check out our other SWG Accounts for sale.

Available Account
Bloodfin Please enter any extra information worth mentioning that may increase the price of your account.:::::::::::::::::::: 87 : human
Human Male Badges:
Expansions: all
Available Account
Eclipse I can go lower would prefer more though. Whatever i can get really. I do not know how many credits i have sorry. Please respond soon. 90 : human
Zabrak Male Faction: Rebel
Skills: Master BH, Master Jedi, Master spy
Alts: TRando Master Armorsmith
Expansions: Jump to lightspeed, Rage of the Wookies, Trials of Obi Wan
Available Account