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SWG Accounts For Sale

The following accounts below maybe available below. Please contact customer service for pricing and information or check out our other SWG Accounts for sale.

Available Account
Wanderhome 55 Jedi Zabrak Male Main Character Equipment: 3 - Basic Equipment (Fully Geared)
Describe Equipment: lightsaber and crafter alot of misc stuff in the bank. i think i have a few structures i belong to orion and i have a house in there main city dont remember where. sorry leaving for iraq soon havent played it in a while this is just what i remember
Elder Jedi?: No
Faction: Rebel
Respecs Available?: Yes
How Many Alts?:
Is there Playtime Remaining on the Account? (Actively Subscribed): No
Expansions: all of them
Available Account
Data: starfighter
vet, played since betta, pre-pub 9 jedi 80 Jedi Human Gender: Male
Badges: not sure
Equipment: all great stuff, great saber, dark elder robe, respec packs
Resources: not sure
Alts: lvl 40ish w/e you want(have respec packs)
Expansions: all
Available Account
Resources: nabo
Account needs to be respec, very old account. 80 Jedi Zabrak Male Gender: Male
Badges: all pre village , all themeparks
Equipment: all 5000 armor +
Resources: lightsaber crystals
Skills: fencer , creature handler
Alts: almost full musician / dancer
Expansions: all but newest
Available Account
Tempest Has char. respec device from the change over. I may have used it once or maybe twice. A lot of other cool gear also. 80 Jedi Human Male Badges: many, most badges came from quests.
Equipment: fully decked out with different professions weapons / gear.
Resources: n/a
Skills: Respec'd jedi as of NGE (lvl 80), havent touched since then
Alts: one lvl 1 alt slot on this server.
Expansions: wookie and space
Available Account
Level: 79
Have all color crystals except lava and sunrider and a pre NGE tusken raider suit 80 Jedi Zabrak Male Badges: Legacy and others
Equipment: Jedi robe cloak of the kursk(80) 2nd gen saber
Resources: N/A
Skills: Jedi all jedi skills up to lvl 80
Alts: N/A
Expansions: Rage of the Wookies, Jump to lightspeed, and An empire devided
Available Account
Data: AV-21
80 Jedi Human Male Faction: Rebel
Available Account
N/A:::::::::::::::::::: 80 Jedi Human Male Faction: Imperial
Skills: Elder Jedi
Alts: Crafter, can still change his prof
Expansions: Jump To LightSpeed, Rage of Wookiees, and the mustafar one
Available Account
N/A:::::::::::::::::::: 82 Jedi Wookiee Male Faction: Rebel
Skills: All up to level 80
Expansions: Rage of the Wookies, Jump to Light Speed
Available Account
Expansions: rage of the wookies
90 Jedi has almost all rare crystals (including lava crystal) and hilt schematics. Top end gear. 90 Commando. Good gear. 90 Smuggler. Top end gear and 1 quest from master pilot. 90 Jedi Zabrak Female Faction: Imperial
Skills: Max level jedi, top end gear
Alts: 90 Smuggler, 90 Commando
Expansions: All
Available Account
Kettemoor Sorry for being so vauge but i havent logged into this accoutn for over a year and just figured i would sell it off. The reason i dont know the lvl is cause when i stopped playing there was no lvls.....so hehe. 90 Jedi Human Male MasterProfessions: TKA
Available Account
Level: not sure
80 Jedi Mon Calamari Male Faction: Imperial
Skills: highest imperial ranking (colonel)
Alts: 2 alts, veteran Jedi account
Expansions: JtL, and RotW both activated
Available Account
Gender: Male
90 Jedi Human Male Faction: Rebel
Skills: Elder Jedi
Alts: Higher CL chars.
Expansions: Everything
Available Account
Equipment: decent
N/A:::::::::::::::::::: 80 Jedi Human Male Faction: Rebel
Skills: Ace Pilot
Alts: No
Expansions: ALL
Available Account
90 Jedi Human Male Faction: Rebel
Skills: Master
Alts: Master Trader
Expansions: all 3 TOBW ROTW JTL
Available Account
N/A:::::::::::::::::::: 90 Jedi Bothan Male Faction: Imperial
Available Account
90 Jedi Trandoshan Male Faction:
Alts: None
Expansions: All